About Us

Talbott Farms is located in Palisade, Colorado which is west of Denver and just slightly east of Grand Junction. Our family continues to build upon a century long tradition of harvesting crops of exceptionally flavored fruits from our orchards and vineyards. As each harvest season approaches, consumers eagerly await the arrival of the renowned Palisade Peaches and the opportunity to rekindle that memory of sinking their teeth into a golden ripe peach leaving sweet juice running down their chins.

Our mission, simply stated, is to “produce value from the land” and we strive every day to conduct our business in a wholesome and sustainable manner that allows us to deliver this value to customers across our nation.

Our History

For over 100 years and five generations, the Talbott family has worked, nurtured and sustained this special land located near the headwaters of the Colorado River. Our family tradition began in the early 1900’s when our ancestors traveled to our high altitude scenic Grand Valley here on the Western Slope of Colorado. After the long journey from Iowa to Palisade in 1907, our great-great grandfather, Joseph Evan Yeager, planted some of the early orchards in the mineral rich alluvial soils in this region. Since then, we have grown the business to what it is today; which included incorporation in 1965 and more recently foregone some entity restructuring to ensure that Talbott Farms is here for years to come. Today we are lucky to have our 5th generation of Talbott’s embracing our family traditions and learning the industry. Watch a short video about us and our history:

Palisade Peaches

For over a century, Colorado’s Palisade Peaches have been known for their exceptional flavor and eating quality. The juicy sweet flavor is a result of unique growing conditions and cultural methods utilized solely in this region. Our peaches grow at a high altitude of 4,800 feet above sea level and receive an abundance of elevation enhanced sunshine. Cool arid nights and warm long days contribute to the exceptional flavor of our golden fruit.

The snow melt from The Rocky Mountains flows gracefully into the valley picking up nutrients along its journey. The rich blend of natural minerals supplied by the cool mountain waters and alluvial soils are drawn up by the roots of the trees, travel through every branch, and are delivered to the ripening fruit. Our fruit is picked when it is tree ripe to ensure the “always sweet and juicy” taste of our Palisade Peaches.

Wine Grapes

As Colorado’s leading wine grape grower, we contract with many wineries. We grow several different vinifera and hybrid varieties, including Cabernet Franc and Riesling, varietals that grow exceptionally well on Colorado’s Western Slope, benefitting from our surrounding high desert terroir, daytime warmth and cool, nightly canyon breezes. These conditions produce distinctive, fruit-forward wines on par with leading viticultural areas.

Our Products

Talbott Farms produces several food and beverage products. At our Farm Market & Tap House you can find an assortment of fruit and food products produced by our family. Beverage brands include Mountain Gold and High Country apple juices and ciders; Talbott’s Cider Company (craft made hard ciders); and a soon to be released portfolio of wines. Please visit our Products page to learn more and where to buy.